Which Makeup Brushes Would You Reccomend?

3:31 PM

Hello my loves, I was just thinking about investing in some great makeup brushes as well as I'm looking for great makeup storage ideas. I need everyones help. I want you all to tell me what you would reccomend? What are some great cheap alternatives to makeup organization? What brushes do you swear by?

I am thinking of getting brushes from Sigma, I hear so many great things on them. So what do you guys think? Let me know what brush kits you recommend whether it be from Sigma or not. I'm open to any brand.

Please just put your links in the comment section below.

Thank you everyone for helping out.

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  1. The larger, the better, I suggest the sixth form left to right.
    By the way, i am also a blogger .Would you please join my site on blogspot? I will follow you as well.
    Thank you.


  2. Thank you so much for your recommendation. And yes of course I will follow your site.

  3. I am uncertain of high end brushes but I like my elf studio set most of which I picked up at target for $3 a piece , I hear sigma is great I too have been eye ballin' the Mrs. Bunny set :-)

  4. I want the sigma ones so darn bad everyone raves about them and I love the elf ones and thank you so much for adding your suggestions it helps very much thank you!!!!!


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