MAC Viva Glam Nicki 2 + Dupe

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Hey everyone. It's a new week and what else is exciting is that spring is this week! Who else is exciting for Spring? I'm definitely going to miss fall and winter though, only because I love the beautiful weather that comes along with them.
When you think of Spring, what exactly do you think of? I think of flowers, Easter, and beautiful pastel colors. Speaking of pastel colors I finally got my hands on the MAC Viva Glam Nicki 2 lipstick and lipglass.

I must say I am absolutely loving this color chosen especially with Spring coming! The shade is a beautiful pinky lilac color. The lipstick is an amplified lipstick which means what you see is what you get in one swipe the same goes for the lipglass.
Once I applied the lipglass on my lips, I felt like I already owned a color similar to this shade in my collection. As soon as I got home, I ran to my room and dumped out my entire lip collection on my bed and went through everything and long and behold I was absolutely right I found the perfect dupe for the MAC Viva Glam Nicki 2 Lipglass.
Are you guys ready? Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in number 200 called Lilac Pastelle. This lipgloss is pretty much dead on with the MAC Lipglass. It is so similar that I almost regret buying the lipglass because I had the Revlon lipgloss already. On the other hand maybe it was a good idea to buy it though because then I probably would have never done a post on it. In the swatch pictures MAC Viva Glam Nicki 2 is on the left and Revlon Lilac Pastelle is on the right.
If you didn't know already the MAC Viva Glam lipsticks and lipglasses cost $15 each, every cent goes towards men, women, and children living with or are affected by HIV/AIDS. They also are limited edition.
Let me know if you guys have seen any dupes for the lipstick because I'm still on the hunt for that. I will also post links to where you can get these products online.
I hope you all have a great, fun, and awesome start to your Monday.

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  1. Hi lovely.

    Wow, that dupe is pretty much bang on target. Revlon is such a good drug store brand too, so I expect the staying power is almost as good as MAC's. What are your experiences with the Revlon gloss?

    Thank you so much for sharing.
    Lots of love ❤

  2. I love the Revlon gloss so much I kinda wish I never bought the Mac one because this is the same thing from a different brand. I wear the Revlon gloss over the viva glam Nicki 2 all the time it looks great if not better with the lipstick. Thank you so much for your comment as well!!!

  3. This was so helpful to me! The other day my friend had Mac creme D'nude lipstick and Mac viva glam niki II and I was dying at how pretty it looked but I just don't love Mac glosses so this is perfect!


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