Makeup For All Face Shapes

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Oval Face Shape

For a oval shape face, your goal is too make it look more elongated. For this you have to focus on blunt features.

  • Nose: After applying foundation, apply bronzer to the sides of the bridge of your nose. This will leave a shadow effect, making your nose appear heightened.
  • Eyebrows: Arched eyebrows can give a more oval shape look, so shoot for following a more natural shape of the brow bones and tweeze that way.
  • Eyes and Lips: Concetrate on one feature whether it be your eyes or your lips, keep one of them left simple.
  • Cheeks: Use blush to contour this gives a elongated effect. Suck your cheeks in as if you were doing a fish face, instead of applying bronzer to the hollows of your cheeks apply the blush instead.

Oblong Face Shape

If your face is oblong or rectangular, then your goal is to make your face more oval shaped.
  • Eyebrows: Make your eyebrows alittle arched than the normal path of your brow bones. This will give a more oval or round effect to the face.
  • Cheeks: Use a light pinkish shade in the hollows of your cheeks, then apply a darker rosy shade to the apples. This will give you a more plumped up look.
  • Eyes: Give your lashes more drama by curling them before and after mascara or you can experiment with dark false eye lashes.
  • Lips: Keep your lips fairly simple and within a pretty pink shade, it will make them look wider, which will make the face appear more fuller.
  • Nose: Do a top shadow effect by only applying bronzer to the top of your nose, not on the sides like you would for a oval shape face.

Heart or Square Face Shape

This is more of an uncommon face shape, the best definition of this shape would be Resse Witherspoon.
If you have a sharp chiseled jaw line, your goal is to drift away attention from that feature.
  • Use bronzer or foundation along the side lines of the jaw. On the middle of your chin use a highlighter and also on the top of your nose as well as the forehead.
  • Lips: Plump your lips. Apply a high shine gloss and a bold lip color so the focus remains on the lips and not the jawline.
  • Eyes: Keep eyes away from dark smokey effects. Shoot for lighter shades when doing a smokey effect.
  • Cheeks: Use a darker shade to contour the hollows of your cheeks, then apply a lighter rosy pink or orangish light pink shade to the apples of your cheeks.

Diamond Face Shape

Use makeup to brighten the center of your face which of course brings attention to the center.
  • Foundation or Highlight: Apply a lighter foundation or highlighting powder to the forehead, bridge of the nose, and center of the chin.
  • Bronzer: Contour the peak of the forehead, tip of the chin, and underside of the cheek bones to minimize width and to make the face look more proportionate.

Round Face Shape

Round face has equal length and width. With makeup, you have to create the illusion of length so contouring is a must!
  • Bronzer: Apply to the temples and beneath the jaw line. This will create a more oval shaped face.
  • Blush: Apply just beneath the cheek bones to give more definition or apply directly to the apples of the cheeks to accentuate the shape. Be sure to apply the blush in upward strokes to give a more slimming effect.

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