Drugstore Beauty Haul

6:00 AM

Hello loves hope you all have a great morning and day! I have another beauty haul for you guys. I decided to go to Savemart which is a family owned drugstore I believe but it caters to so many different makeup brands and the great thing about it is everything is cheaper than places like CVS or Walgreens would be for example if you go buy elf products they would normally be $1-$3 right? Well at Savemart elf products are .89 cents to $3!!! So it's a great place to start buying beauty products if your a beginner and don't want to dump loads of cash on high end products. Anyways so I decided I would pick up a few things while I was there and share with you guys what I got. I hope you guys enjoy this post. Let me know things you would recommend from the drugstore in the comments below.

Elf High Definition Translucent Powder $3

Elf Lip Exfoliater $1

Nyx Blush in the shade Spice $3

Nyx Eyeshadow Pigments in True Purple $2

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