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Hey everyone have you ever looked up odd beauty tricks that you were were curious if they worked? I sure have and that brings me to todays post on some of the odd beauty tricks ive found that have worked. I hope you guys enjoy these tips and tricks.
1. Fix Blemishes: Mix together one packet of dry yeast with the juice of half a lemon and spread over blemishes and leave on for 5 minutes. It's an awesome drying treatment.

2. Tired Eyes?: To perk up eyes when in a rush, dab aloe Vera under the eyes for temporary firming.

3. Mascara Mess-up?: If you make a mistake with mascara, dip a cotton ball or q-tip in foundation to remove it and conceal at the same time.

4. Preparation H. And no it's not going to be used for what your thinking... Put the butt cream under your eyes. It helps diminish fine lines.

5. Keep eyes cool. Place cotton pads dipped in rose water or cucumber juice to keep dark circles away, and to cool your eyes.

6. Stop flyaway hair! Spray static guard on your brush or comb.

7. Microwave lotion for 5 seconds to soothe dry winter skin.

8. To prevent ingrown toenails, trim toenails straight across not down into the corners.

9. Get rid of a shiny nose: forgot to bring along your compact powder? Tone down the shine with a piece of those toilet seat covers in the ladies room. It'll act as blotting paper.

10. Almond eyeliner: light an almond on fire, let it burn, and then gather the soot to use as powder eyeliner. The almond oil makes the ashes "sticky" so it stays on your lash line and the color will be a rich intense black. Plus it's all natural!!!
Let me know if you guys tried any of these tips and tricks in the comments below!!!

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