My Favorite Makeup Removers

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Ok so how many of you wear waterproof mascara and go to take it off and it all won't come off? There's nothing more annoying than that and waking up to a eye makeup mess in the morning right?

Well I want to share with you guys my top makeup removers. I'm not saying these are the ones that have absolutely without a doubt worked for me and my waterproof eye makeup. I want to give these products a shout out just because they are things I don't really hear much about in the beauty world.

I have three great makeup removers on is high end and the other two are drugstore.
My FAVORITE HIGH END makeup remover is... Urban Decay Melt Down Makeup Remover $24.
This makeup remover is excellent in removing everything even waterproof or long lasting makeup.
This makeup remover is a cream like consistency that's non greasy or oily so it won't make you feel gross after using it. You do not have to wash off this makeup remover, it feels really great on the skin when used. Also a little bit of this product goes a long way. It's just one of the high end products I will repurchase over and over again.

Now onto my FAVORITE DRUGSTORE makeup remover products.
First favorite is baby wipes. Yes I said it baby wipes. They are extremely gentle, non irritating, remove everything, and extremely cheap if your trying tone more frugal with your beauty purchases. If you haven't tried baby wipes to remove your makeup I encourage you to give it a go.

Second favorite is the neutrogena night calming makeup wipes. These are great at removing everything but sometimes they are kind of irritating to my skin also my skin seems more oily after I use them. But they are a great item to try because they do what they were made for.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Also let me know what your favorites makeup removers are so I can give them a try.

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