REVIEW: Relogy Acne System

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Hey everyone today I have another review for you guys on Relogy Acne System. So lets get it started.

Relogy is a 2-step system. The first step is the Dual Action Treatment Foam. Just this product is combined with natural ingredients chosen to promote healing, redness reducing, and anti-inflammatory effects. This step clears your skin but also heals, nourishes, and makes your skin look and feel a lot better. My favorite part about this product is the application process, You can use this step as a cleanser that you rinse off or you can apply it to your face and let it dry!!!

Step-2 is a 100% Natural skin balancer. In is combined with coconut milk. And this step battles dryness and irritation with hydration. This is a great product for dryness I have a problem with dryness around my nose and sometimes on my forehead and chin and this has definitely helped with that.

The targeted spot treatment is magic in a rollerball tube. I love this product. This product is combined with seaweed extract and other natural ingredients that get down to the core of dark spots, it also fights scarring, and it boosts the acne treatment results.

This skincare system has 10 key ingredients:
- Salicylic Acid (willow bark): this is a natural exfoliant, inflammation fighting, reduces excess oils, fights acne in the hair follicle by clearing dead skin that house harmful bacteria.
- Bergamot Orange: this is a natural anti septic, oil reducing, calms skin, vitamin c from this ingredient is the most popular ingredient in high end anti aging products due to its rejuvenating properties.
- Meadowfoam Seed Oil: anti oxidant, natural moisturizer, and has rejuvenating properties.
- Coconut Milk and Coconut Oil: natural disinfectant, anti microbial, retains softness and suppleness.
- Benzachlonium Chloride: a gently natured anti septic, bacteria fighter, also allows better and faster wound healing.
- Jojoba: natural wound healing anti microbial.
- Chondrus Crispus (seaweed): natural exfoliant and anti oxidant.
- Bean Seed Extract: natural inflammatory and soothing effects, and promotes collagen synthesis in the skin.
- Tea Tree Leaf Oil: anti septic, treats wounds.
- Rosemary Leaf Extract: protects skin cells, and fights dark spots.

Did I mention that this skincare system is also cruelty free and vegan?!?!?! How awesome is that? I love it this line and this system is definitely worth a try. I will be sure to post links on where you purchase Relogy below.

I hope you guys enjoyed this review. Let me know if you have tried Relogy acne system and what your thoughts were of it.

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