Is Your Lipstick Poisoning You?

6:00 AM

Are you aware of what ingredients are in your precious lippys? Well if not, be sure to take a second glance of the label on your lipstick or lipgloss because studies have been conducted and the results are in, and no it's not good news.
studies show that most of our favorite lipstick and lipgloss colors are actually made with toxic ingredients that can be poisonous.

a study was done of 32 popular lipsticks and lipglosses, and many of them shown to contain toxic metals like maganese, aluminum, and chromium. Research reports that average lipstick and lipgloss use (around 2-3 applications a day) could expose you to dangerous levels of these toxins. The poisonous metals found in lipsticks and lipglosses have been linked to cancer.

Be sure your checking the ingredients when purchasing new beauty products because apparently the price of beauty could be dangerous to your health. I hope you guys enjoyed this post, let me know what you all think of this matter in the comments below. As always, have a beautiful day everyone!

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