Review: Perlier 8 Piece Try Me Travel Set

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Hey everyone, I hope you all are having a great start to your day. Today I want to bring you another review on Perlier Products. For over 80 years, Perlier has specialized in the manufacturing of products derived from the active ingredients of medical plants. Perlier provides high quality, functional and efficient products that address the specific body and skincare needs of today's women.

I have never heard of this brand until lately. I can definitely say that the products I have are very rich in quality. I love some products but majority of them are just not for me personally. I do recommend them for others to try just because your opinions are different from my own.

I was kindly sent these products through ifabbo for reviewing purposes. I received a 8 piece travel set from Perlier. The set consists of 4 different lines Perlier carries, including a hand or body cream and a shower gel or bath gel. 

Ok so first off my favorite products out of the entire kit was the pure 100% certified organic Shea butter and citrus. The scent is absolutely lovely. It's also extremely moisturizing. The hand cream is so thick and creamy which I love it a hand cream personally. it had an amazing impact on my dry skin especially on my heels and feet and with flip flops being the chosen pairs of shoes to wear, this cream works amazingly for that purpose.

Other products that came in this kit:

- White Almond with Cold Pressed and Pure Almond Oil
-100% Certified Italian Organic Honey
-100% Organic Italian Olive Oil
the scent was ok but I'm a sucker for scents I have a specific need when it comes to scents and these just don't come close to scents of my liking. The products themselves though were extremely moisturizing and nourishing to the skin. 
Just because majority of these products I didn't like personally does not mean they won't be beneficial to you or that you won't like them. I am still trying to figure out what I think of these products maybe my views will change I will be sure to do a update on these products if I do have any view changes. But in the meantime the only kind I'm really liking is the Shea butter and citrus line, I think it's fabulous. I will be sure to post links to Perlier below.

I hope you all enjoyed this review, let me know if you have heard of or tried Perlier products before and what your thoughts were in the comments below. Have a beautiful day everyone!!!

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