Tried It: PYT Argan Oil Hydrating Conditioner

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Hey everyone today I wanted to announce I will be starting a new series to my blog and as you can see its called "Tried It." This series will be based off of those tiny little sample packets you either get in the mail or at beauty stores like Sephora or Ulta. This series is pretty much first impressions of this samples.  So lets get started into my first post of the "Tried It" series.

The sample I will be giving my first impressions on is on PYT Argan Oil from Morocco Hydrating Conditioner. I really wish it wasnt such a tiny sample because I absolutely fell in love with it. I recently have been on the look out on how to get my hair back to the healthy state it was before I had bleached it in January, I tried everything from protein sprays, serums, and shampoos and conditioner and no matter what I did my hair just always felt so so dry and it would always break off the ends... I basically would cry myself to sleep at night because my hair looked and felt awful.

I forget where or how I got this sample but it definitely made a difference in one use, so of course i'm in love with it. I have never heard of this brand until I got this sample. On the sample packet it says/claims "The luxurious conditioner, enriched with argan oil, moisturizes and detangles. Safe for color treated hair" and it does just as it says in ONE USE!!!! 

I   have always had trouble with my hair being so thin and it easily gets tangled no matter what I do, and when I bleached it, it just made the tangle problem way worse. This conditioner I applied once I was done shampooing my hair and left it on while I shaved my legs and washed my body in the shower, Once I rinsed it out my hair felt like absolute silk, and while all conditioner does a great job at making your hair feel like silk when you wash it out, this one made it feel like legit silk and it even made my hair feel healthier as well so of course I got very very excited. 

My hair is was so incredibly smooth, and the ends were alot healthier looking and finally not dry at all. I wish I would have gotten a sample of the shampoo as well so I could have experienced the full potential of the products working together. I would definitely recommend this for anyone who has damaged hair from bleaching, weather conditions, etc. its absolutely fabulous. 

This product is also not tested on animals and free from any animal derived ingredients. Environment friendly too!!!

I will be sure to include links to their site as to where you can buy their products directly, as well as amazon links below.

I hope everybody liked this short first impressions or Tried It series post. Have a beautiful day everyone!!!

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  1. I love Argan oil, I bought a bottle of pure Argan Oil Hydrating Conditioner in Morocco in a countryside factory, where I could see the women working on the seeds to make the oil. This was fascinating! Www.PuraDorOil.Com


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