How to Spot Beauty Fakes

10:29 AM

We all would love some great bargains on the beauty products we love most but sometimes a good deal on these products quickly turn into a scam. Today's post is to educate you just a bit on how to spot the real from the scam. So let's get into it.

Would you consider spraying urine on your neck? Or spreading arsenic on your lips? That's what you could be doing if you buy impostr beauty goods. The FBI recently issued a consumer alert for false cosmetics--most of which come from unregulated, unsanitary labs. Made with carcinogens such as beryllium and cadmium, these products often also contain "dangerous levels of bacteria," says the FBI.

How to avoid the scams:
-Don't buy fragrances or cosmetics at flea markets or mall kiosks--a common move at the holidays. Buy only from the brand's website, a major department store, a major drug chain, or an authorized dealer.
-Know what the real product looks like so you can compare. Notice the color, the typeface, the look of the packaging, the spacing between letters, and check the spelling. You'd be surprised how often it's wrong!

I hope this post gave you a bit of knowledge on this subject because a lot of us see a good deal not thinking "oh crap, this could be a fake product." Have a beautiful day everyone! 

Credits: Dr. Oz The Good Life Magazine 

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