Stay Chip-Free for Days!

10:55 AM

Have you ever spent so much time doing a cute design on your nails and the next day they chip? I can't tell you how many times I've done that and it really pisses me off because I spend so much time like at least two hours to do cute designs lol. So anyways here's some tips to help your manicure last longer! 

- Do light layers! When you paint, be sure to do light, thin layers. Goopy, thick polish takes forever to dry and it ends up being so thick that it's likely to peel faster.

- Blast with a Shot of Cold Air! Use the cool blast button on your hair dryer. The cold air hardens polish fast making it last longer.

- Use a Top Coat on Wet Polish! Don't let your nails dry before you slab on a layer of top coat! When you add clear polish to a wet mani, it penetrates through the paint and helps the color stick to your nails.

Definitely DON'T:

- Wash Your Hands too Much! Hot water is your mani's worst enemy. If your washing up a lot, use cooler water.

- Skip Base and Top Coat! Painting on a primer helps polish adhere to the nails, and the top coat seals the color for longer wear.

- Forget to Moisturize! When nails are dehydrated, they are prone to peeling and cracking. Hydrate your cuticles and nail beds with a cuticle oil every day.

I hope these tips are helpful and of course I hope you liked this post!!! Be sure to leave any of your tips in the comments below!!!! Have a beauitful day everyone!!!

Credits: Seventeen Magazine

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