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Everyone yearns for soft, shiny and healthy hair, unfortunately my hair has taken quite a punch. It all started with beauty school, while I was there I was always trying new things on my hair. All of the hair color, lightener and hot tools used on my hair in such a short period of time; definitely has taken its toll on my locks, I had constant damage to my ends and up to the mid-shaft on my hair strands. Every time I showered, no matter how much conditioner I used, my hair would still be a tangled mess and my hair has fallen out a lot due to breakage... I was never one to really care about the integrity of my own hair, but enough was enough!!!!

I would buy a million different kinds of oils, masks, leave in treatments, you name it I bought it! Some were OK while others I've bought weren't effective at all!!!! Once I graduated beauty school and actually had time to go to my local beauty supply store, I saw a display of a product called Moroccan Oil. They have everything from awesome gift sets to hairspray! I didn't know much about the brand at the time so I didn't want to invest in something if I didn't read up on it first so that's exactly what I did, I went home and googled the crap out of the brand and after I was finished reading awesome reviews on it, I asked my lovely coworkers if they have ever used the Moroccan Oil line before, and they all have used it, you know since they are cosmetologists and all... each and every one of them said its an amazing brand and to definitely try it out. After work, I went back to the beauty supply store and bought myself a nice Moroccan Oil gift set.

Let me just start off by saying I wasn't disappointed in this product line at all!!! I used this line in conjunction with another brand's line that I will definitely review in another post! Like I said before I absolutely loved their products in this gift set though.

In the gift set that I had bought, I received a full-size Moroccan Oil Dry Shampoo for Dark Tones, full-size Moroccan Oil Treatment and a travel size Moroccan Oil Intense Hydrating Mask.

Let's start off with their Dry Shampoo for Dark Tones, I absolutely loved this stuff!!! It did spray out a light powder-y substance but what I would do is I would spray it in my hair and let it sit and soak up the excess oil in my hair while I would wash my face and then apply my makeup, then I would simply brush it through my hair and the light powder-y substance would simply disappear leaving no gray looking hair that a lot of dry shampoos tend to do. Also, this dry shampoo does not make your hair stiff at all it actually gives your hair great texture and makes it feel super healthy unlike other dry shampoos that leave your hair looking and feeling dry. The only downside to this dry shampoo that all of the Moroccan Oil products tend to have is the scent, now I know a lot of people that love the scent but I honestly don't "love" it, but for how well the product works, I put up with it! I go through this stuff like its nothing!

Second product up, the Moroccan oil intense Hydrating mask; I used this stuff in the shower after I had my ends lightened in the salon and it took a serious toll on my locks, they were dry and breaking off. I would use this product in place of my conditioner in the shower and it definitely added the moisture back into my hair that it needed. It made my hair manageable, lightweight, and healthy looking again.

Last but not least in the gift set was the Moroccan Oil Treatment Oil, what the brand is best known for is this product! Let me tell you, it is awesome stuff and the tiniest amount goes such a long way; I put about a dime size amount in towel- dried hair and then would either let my hair air dry or I would blow dry it depending on my day or evening, the more you use it the more you notice the changes it makes to your hair over time. Not only did this product help so much with my split ends from the crazy lightening process my hair endured but it also made my hair softer, more manageable, and overall more healthier in the way it looked and felt. 

So the question is, would I repurchase these items? The answer is DEFINITELY YES to the dry shampoo and the treatment oil. The Intensive mask however, I don't think I would repurchase it only because I feel that the treatment oil works enough on its own to do what the mask would do anyways! I definitely recommend trying the Dry Shampoo out and the Treatment oil though from the brand, They are a few of the best hair products I've ever used because I actually noticed changes in my hair and products that do that are hard to come by, I will be sure to post links to where you can find these products so you can try them out for yourself and be sure to leave me a comment telling me what you think about them!!!!!

Pictures: Google & Myself (Sarah Sequins)

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