Giovanni VitaPro Fusion Protein Spray

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Hey everyone! So I wanted to talk about a new haircare item that is a fairly new purchase and I must say something I will definitely keep in my haircare routine. It's called Giovanni VitaPro Fusion Protein Spray.

This is going to sound really bad but this is the first time I'm using a protein spray within the past couple of months, I've bleached my hair from a dark brown to blonde. My hair got severely damaged in the process I would brush my hair and hear it snap or break, my hair was very dry and frizzy as well. So I did some research because deep conditioning treatments just were not helping on their own. Long and behold while doing my research I found that a lot of people were talking about vitamin and protein sprays and how much they help your hair, that day I went on a hunt to find one.

I found Giovanni VitaPro Fusion Protein Spray at my local drugstore for around $6.79 I believe. This protein spray is absolutely amazing. Within one use I felt how much stronger my hair was, and how much softer it became. I am so pleased with this product. So let me fill you in on the spray itself.

Giovanni is a family owned company in Los Angeles and was founded in the 1970's by Arthur Guidotti, a leading hair stylist and Beverly Hills salon owner. His mission was to create hair products inspired by nature but that we're still compelling, high performance formulas.

-The Protein spray is for all hair types.
-It's enriched with vitamins and proteins.
-Protects hair from heat and chemicals, while repairing dry, damaged hair.
-USDA Certified Organic
-100% Vegetarian ingredients.
-No added parabens, lauryl or laureth sulfate, or dyes.
You can purchase this product online at the links I post below.

Giovanni Cosmetics
Giovanni Cosmetics Vitapro Fusion Treatment 5 Oz

Let me know if you have tried this product and what your thoughts were on it, also let me know of the protein sprays you have tried and would repurchase. Have a great day everyone!

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