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Hey everyone today I wanted to talk to you about hair. I'm going to have to give this blog post major credit to New Beauty Magazine, I bought their most current magazine and a good chunk of it is dedicated to the anatomy of your hair. So before I get I trouble for plagiarism or anything I wanted to just dedicate a post to their article in the magazine I will also be sure to link their website and if I can find an online link to the specific article on this post here. I found this information so helpful and it for sure helped me in realizing hair is a lot more than "hair" and taking care of it carefully will help the appearance, and overall lifespan of your hair. I absolutely am an avid reader of New Beauty Magazine and I would never claim a article from someone else without giving credits to them.

To better understand how hair growths and what happens to you hair during growth, you should probably know that your hair goes through 3 life cycles.

Stage 1 (the anagen phase aka the growth cycle): Most times your hair grows at a rate of one half inch per month. This cycle typically lasts 2-7 years.

Stage 2 (the catagen phase aka the transitional stage): After hair reaches its maximum growing capacity it basically "takes a break." It stops growing while preparing to fall out and renew itself. This stage typically lasts 2-3 weeks.

Stage 3 (the telogen phase aka the resting stage): Telogen hairs which are technically dead hairs, fall out on their own. You may see them on your pillow, in your shower, or when brushing your hair. Once this phase ends the first stage starts back up again. The third stage typically lasts 3-4 months.
The hair will go through the three stages of growth at least 20 times in your lifetime. Which does not seem like a lot but still take into consideration that stage one takes around 2-7 years. Hair growth patterns can fluctuate with the changes of seasons and weather. Hair tends to grow a lot faster in the spring and summer time. Healthy hair lies in a healthy scalp. A scalp that is free from itching, scaling, and inflammation is crucial from strong, growing hair.

I found this so important I never knew this about hair. I have come to a better understanding about my hair. This article has already greatly improved since reading this article. Speaking of the article, I wanted to mention in this issue of New Beauty Magazine there is more to read up on including causes of thinning hair, how to get stronger hair, etc. so before its gone be sure to pick up this issue of New Beauty Magazine Spring/Summer 2013 or check out the link below.
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