Series "Worlds Most Expensive" Manicure

6:00 AM

Who wouldn't love to wear diamonds all day, everyday!!!!! Better yet who would love to have REAL diamonds or gems on their nails? I know I certainly would with a doubt. I wanted to share one of the most luxurious, and expensive manicures there is out there.


Manicurist Leighton Denny, only offers his services to household names. Denny opened his nail boutique at the Urban Retreat Day Spa and Salon on the 5th floor of Harrods in London and offers his diamond, sapphire, and ruby encapsulization manicure since 2005. This manicure includes 9 carats of gem inlays.

There was a waiting list of 175 people in 2005 including, some Arab princesses. The cost of this manicure is $32,000. This is an extremely luxurious manicure, I would love to experience something like this, I just would not spend money on a manicure that lasts what, two weeks? Would you?


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