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Hello everyone today's post is about hair. I wanted to share with you all some hair secrets for hair and I have it sectioned into different hair types; curly, wavy, and straight. I feel I can appreciate any and all hair or haircare tips possible only because earlier this year I was a stupid girl wondering what it would be like to make my brown hair blonde at home and of course it was a mess I didn't do much research before doing it either so yeah you can do the math. Ever since then I have been trying to get my hair back to a healthy state because right now my hair is super dry at the ends, and always tangling, etc. so as I find hair tips I always write them down so I can share them with my lovely subscribers. Lets get this started shall we?


Curly Hair

- For Soft Curls: Shampoo once or twice a week; on other days refresh your curls with a leave in conditioner spray.

- To Add Bounce: Coat wet hair with a curl cream, then twirl small sections of hair around your finger and then bobby pin them up and leave in until your done putting on your makeup and getting dressed.

- To Stay Frizz-Free: Blot your hair dry. Rubbing wet curls with a towel creates friction, making curls frizzy.

Wavy Hair

- For Red Carpet Gloss: Smooth the tiniest dab of hand cream through your hair. Hand cream quickly hydrates hair, making the color richer and the finish glossier.

- To Add Fullness: Flip your head over and gently brush waves with an aerated brush.

Straight Hair

- To Add Fullness: Apply conditioner only from the mid-shaft of your hair to the ends. Too much conditioner at the roots of straight hair weighs the hair down, making it look flat.

- For Supermodel Sleekness: Use a tourmaline flat iron, the crushed tourmaline on the plates emits negative ions that give hair a silky finish.

- To Boost Shine: Add silicone. Silicone gives your hair serious luster.

Those are some quick hair tips and secrets. Hopefully they help you achieve whatever look you are going for or maybe just help you achieve healthier looking hair. I hope you all enjoy this post, if you have any other hair tips and secrets please feel free to leave it in the comments below I love to hear different hair secrets and tips from others then try them out. As always, have a beautiful day everyone!

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