Covergirl Flamed Flare Mascara Review

6:00 AM

Hey everyone I have another review for you today and as you can see from the title it's going to be a review on the Covergirl Flared or Flamed mascara or whatever you call it lol. I have mixed feelings about this mascara so that's probably why I can't remember the name too much.

Don't get me wrong or anything but the formulation of this mascara I feel is too wet, so it just doesn't build up very well when applying more coats. The brush is way too large as well so its very hard to get in the inner corner or outer corner without getting mascara on your eyelids. 

Now it does give my lashes a nice curled effect without having to use an eyelash curler which I do love in a mascara. I also love a dramatic effect to my lashes which it does not do for my lashes personally but it is great for those who love more of a natural effect to the eyes. Just to repeat myself again that this mascara is not a terrible mascara, its just not what I prefer for my own personal taste.

I can say I probably will not be repurchasing this product just because I guess I expect a lot from Mascaras and I'm super particular to my lashes and this just doesn't meet my expectations. However I do encourage others to try this out for themselves only because everyone will have different views on the product.

I hope you guys enjoyed this review and be sure to leave a comment below if you guys have tried this product and what your personal thoughts were on how it performed for you. Have a beautiful day everyone!!!

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  1. I love the packaging for this mascara!! It's so funky! I'm a new follower! xx

  2. Yes I totally agree that the packaging was cute thank you so much for your comment darling! Also thank you for subscribing it means the world!


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