Series: "World's Most Expensive" Nailpolish

6:00 AM

Would you spend a lot of money on exquisite packaging? I certainly would not I always define that what's inside the packaging to be the best part anyways. But yepp heres another beauty splurge for the eager nail polish lover.

Models Own Gold Rush Nail polish is actually made of gold. The cap of the bottle is exquisite, adorned with nearly 1,118 diamonds and costs around $130,740.

Now just remember you are paying for the bottle itself not the nail polish. Even the makers of the Models Own Line says that there isn't anything special about the polish itself, the price simply comes from the bottle. They even created the same exact product without the fancy bottle that you can buy for I believe $6-9 a pop.
Would you consider this purchase? What are your guys views on diamond packaging? Have a beautiful day everyone!!!!

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