Do You Know If You Have Wrinkles? Well There's An App For That!

6:00 AM

So wrinkles is something everyone will go through in life. Its the awful truth I know but many people are unaware of having wrinkles simply because they think they are too young which isn't the case at all many people in their 20's already have slight wrinkles and sometimes can be hard to see at first, but no fear there's an app for that and its absolutely amazing and pretty accurate.

The app is called My Own. It uses facial-recognition technology to track 50 points on a photo of your face, and provides a clinical evaluation of the major signs of aging. The My Own App builds a detailed map of six signs of aging: fine lines, deep wrinkles, crows feet, age spot count and visibility and then compares your numbers to others in your age group.

The app also generates a side-by-side comparison of the photo you took and a photo of what you could look like following treatment. Based on your individual analysis and skin type, the app gives you ways to fight skin damage and aging through nutrition, beauty, and lifestyle tips.

I have used this app and LOVE it I feel its a truly thought out and created exceptionally. and is pretty accurate. you can download these for IPhone and android and I will be sure to post links to the downloads below. Also let me know if you have used this app and what your thoughts were on it. I hope you all liked this post and have a beautiful day everyone!!!

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