3 Ways to Use Hair Oils

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Hey everyone today's post is going to be on 3 different ways you can use or apply your hair oils whether its argan oil, coconut oil, Moroccan oil, you name it. so lets get into it.

1. As a Leave-In Conditioner: Some bottles of hair oil contain one kind of oil; others are a blend. But as long as yours contains omega rich argan, jojoba, olive, or sunflower, its going to definitely hydrate your locks. Unlike other varieties, they penetrate the hair shaft to temporarily make hair stronger. Distribute 2  drops (3 for coarse hair) through the length of damp hair, then rub one more drop over rough (frayed, split) ends to make them smoother.

2. To Add Shine: Of course any oil makes your hair shinier. But there is one that is super amazing at doing it in a natural looking way, and it costs less than $10 at the drugstore. Jojoba oil is easy to find, and it contains the same lipids as your scalps natural oils. It sounds gross but it creates the prettiest, healthiest looking sheen. Even if you don't pick up a bottle of jojoba, oil has a serious defeat of shine sprays and serums, most of which contain one or more types of silicone. Some silicones particularly the ones that start with "cyclo," like cyclomethicone, can dry out hair over time, making it brittle and more prone to breakage. Botanical oils don't have the same side effect and make your hair softer until you wash them out.

3. As Protectant: Slick on some hair oil before you take a dip. All oils create a thin barrier that protects your hair from drying chlorine and salt water. Antioxidant argan and sunflower will also protect your color from fading in the sun.

 Being aware of what's in the hair oils you buy is very important because we buy these oils wanting our hair to be soft and healthy not dried out and even potentially becoming more damaged. Let me know if you know of any other hair oil tips and tricks or which ones you have tried and what your thoughts were in the comments below. I hope you all enjoyed this post and have a beautiful day.

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  1. Great post, i really enjoyed it, i don't use hair oils but you have inspired me so maybe i will try it soon. Great blog, i looks forward to more wonderful posts when i check back soon xoxo


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