Curling Iron Tricks To Keep Your Curls Perfect

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Curling irons can be somewhat of a hassle for some, and by some of course I was in that group as well so your not alone! Every time I would curl my hair, it would just always come out so bad whether it be frizzy, unhealthy, more definition, you name it. Here's some tricks I learned over the years of learning what works best for me when it comes to curling my hair.

-Decide What Size You Need: The size of the iron is going to depend on the kind of curls you want to achieve. If you want big beachy waves, you need a bigger barrel curling iron; if you want small tight curls, a small barrel iron is best.

-Heat It Up: Curling serum and even some hairspray, as long as its flexible hold make a great combination of styling products when it comes to curling your hair.

-Divide Your Hair Up: The way to get more defined curls, is to section off your hair. You want to make sure you do not put to make hair in a section as it will not curl as well as smaller sections. 

-Wrap Section Around Barrel: You want to wrap your hair around the barrel and tuck the end inside the trap of the curling iron, that way you'll avoid getting the "crimp" in your hair when you are curling.

-Don't Curl When Damp or Wet: PLEASE DO NOT curl your hair when damp or wet this will cause your hair to sizzle the ends of your hair and will make your hair look unhealthy. The same rule applies to straightening your hair too.

I hope you all enjoyed some of these easy tips, be sure to let me know or your curling tricks in the comments. Have a beautiful day!!!

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  1. Very useful post - I tried to curl my hair wet once ...epic fail :( !! xx

  2. Yea I know what you mean we have all tried to style our hair while it was wet haha it's ok though, we learn from our mistakes!!! Thank you so much for your comment girly!!!!

  3. It's amazing what some people do when it comes to using curling irons makes me cringe! Great tips :)

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