Secrets to Ageless Hair

6:00 AM

Update Your Brush: Using the same styling tools forever can actually cause damage to your hair. The older your brush is, the more likely it is to having broken or missing bristles that will cause breakage and the older you become, your strands become more fragile.

Prep Hair for Heat: Hair loses moisture as you age thanks to the slow down of oil glands on the scalp. Before you switch on your blow dryer, apply a hydrating heat protectant spray to damp hair. They're formulated with conditioning ingredients like glycerin, to coat strands and help combat the drying effects of heat styling tools.

Restore Moisture: With age comes hormonal changes that cause women to lose essential nutrients that keep hair looking healthy and vibrant. Add environmental stressors, like sun exposure, and the moisture is also zapped from your hair. All types of hair benefit from a deep conditioning treatment.

Lift Roots: The growth cycle of your hair follicles slows down every year, resulting in fewer strands, which often fall flat. When styling, use a Volumizing mousse to boost roots and avoid gels or creams that weigh hair down.

I hope this post has helped anyone struggling with aging hair. If you have anything else to add please feel free to leave a comment. As always, have a beautiful day!

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