Tricks on How to Look Your Best on a Few Hours of Sleep

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We all have nights when we don't get enough sleep, in the morning it's like no matter what you do, your makeup looks like a mess. In todays  post I'm going to be sharing some helpful tips and tricks to look like you got your full eight hours of sleep. Lets jump right in...

Tip #1: Fake a Glow with Luminizing Powder: slacking on sleep slows cell turnover which is the reason you wake up looking like a paste face. Sweep luminiferous along the tops of your cheekbones and down the bridge of your nose which reflect most of the light.

Tip#2 Choose a Brightening Concealer: Minerals like Mica are magical, drawing light to the most shadowy parts of your eyes without looking cakes. Apply five dots from your inner eye to the tail of your brow, and blend upward toward the lash line.

Tip #3 Reach for Blue-based Mascara: Blue black mascara amps up the whites of your eyes. Brush outer lashes toward temples, center ones go straight up, and your inner lashes go toward your nose.

Tip#4 Toss Foundation in the Fridge: Pop your favorite BB or CC cream in the fridge for ten minutes to hydrate skin, even out redness, and to depuff.

Tip #5 Go with a Beige Eyeliner instead of Black: Dark eyeliner emphasizes tired undereye circles. Instead line the rims of your eyes with a beige eyeliner. It's like concealer for your lash line, it camouflages redness.

Tip #6 Match Your Blush to your Lipstick: A complimentary look with pops of color look more pulled together and brighten your face instantly. 

I hope you all enjoyed these helpful tips be sure to let me know what you do to fake eight hours of sleep at night in the comments section. Have a beautiful day everyone!

Credits: Cosmopolitan
Image Credits: Google

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  1. i loved these tips!! tip #4 is my favorite. I wll have to try it out.

  2. I'm so happy you enjoyed this post!!! Let me know how tip #4 works out for you!


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