Essential Items For Your Handbag

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We all should know by now that your handbag is practically your life. It holds your essentials when not at your home, so being sure you have the right essentials can make up for angry moments for example, getting a stain on your blouse, or not having hand sanitizer when it was completely necessary, etc. So let's jump in to what the essentials are!

1. Form of ID: You should always carry some form of identification with you.

2. Medicine: You dont have to take your entire medicine cabinet with you, but just be sure to bring some pain relief pills, cough drops, etc. with you. It's better to be prepared than not.

3. Hand Sanitizer: Hand sanitizers are a must have especially in the upcoming winter months when flu season comes around.

4. Emergency Cash: You should always carry at least $20 cash with you at all times. You never know when a place doesnt except credit cards.

5. Band-aids: It's useful to carry these babies with you at all times due to that unpredictable paper cut, or a broken nail, etc.

6. Pens: In case you ever need to sign something, or need to jot down a reminder.

7. Keys: House keys, car keys, mail key, you name it.

8. Feminine Products: These are crucial for us women and that nasty time of the month that can show up unpredictably.

9. Stain Stick: I cant tell you how many times I've gone out and have not had one of these with me when I needed them most and they are great if you have kids as well.

10. Credit/Debit Cards: Carry these with you especially if its your main form of payment.

These are just a few of the essential things I must carry with me at all times. I hope this helps you out if your not sure of whats necessary to carry along with you in your bag. Let me know what else you guys carry with you. Have a beautiful day everyone!


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  1. Great post! I pretty much always carry these items just to be safe !xx

    -xoxo, Selorm.
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