Beauty Products You Don't Need

6:00 AM

Why spend your hard earned cash on products you really don't need, when you see a product targeted for a specific thing don't be fooled because chances are you probably already have a product at your home or at least something that will get the job done. Read more on products you honestly don't need.

Toner: Some dermatologists claim that its use is nowadays unnecessary because there are a lot of new and improved soaps that don't leave the residues that toners were initially meant to cleanse.

Foot Creams: you can easily replace these with hand creams or petroleum jelly.

Body Firming Lotions: Dermatologists claim that anti-cellulite and firming lotions will not reduce cellulite on the long term. Most of these products contain caffeine and plant extracts amongst their ingredients. These help with improving the blood flow and hydrate the skin, however, without a proper diet and a constant workout, their effect will eventually wear off.

Shaving Cream: Since nowadays shower gels have a lot of glycerin, a humectant that moisturizes your skin, so there is no need for shaving cream.

Color Enhancing Shampoo and Conditioner: these shampoos have a lot of additives and they contain a temporary color stain which on long term will turn out to be bad for your hair.

Split End Serums: these do not fix split ends at all. They give a temporary smoothing effect for ends which is great to use for in between haircuts. If your looking to get rid of split ends, best bet is just to go get a haircut.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Have a beautiful day everyone!

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