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If you have frizz-prone waves but you want a sleek straight blowout, then you need:

-Moisturizing smoothing serum: Look for a product with dimethicone or silicone as well as natural oils, which hydrate, making strands more pliable, silky and easier to straighten. Also, those ingredients lock out the humidity and reduce the friction that contribute to fuzzy locks.
-Ionic hair dryer: This type emits negative ions that help moisture evaporate quicker--speedy dry time means less chance for hair to frizz and lower risk of heat damage. Choose a model with at least 1,800 watts and a nozzle to direct heat.
-Round, nylon and boar-bristle ceramic brush: Boar bristles are famous for their shine-enhancing powers, but they bend easily. A brush that mixes in stiffer nylon or plastic bristles--spaced fairly close together--grips hair best, creating the tension needed while blow drying to straighten strands. A ceramic base retains heat from your dryer, helping to smooth and dry strands faster.
-Ceramic 1-inch flatiron: A blow dryer and brush leave hair smooth, but running through strands with a flatiron delivers a sleek, silky finish. Choose an ionic iron with ceramic plates, which heat up quickly, evenly to distribute and hold heat and effortlessly glide through hair. One with multiple heat settings is ideal for fine hair, which needs less heat--start around 300 degrees and adjust from there. For thick, coarse hair, you can go as high as 400 degrees without damage. A 1-inch wide iron makes it easy to get close to roots.

If you have kinky, coarse hair but you want beautifully formed curls, then you need:

-Hydrating Curl Cream: Your hair if thirsty, and a moisturizing curl cream is like a tall glass of water. Apply liberally in sections, from root to tip--there's little risk of overdoing it--to almost soaking wet hair. Then tightly twist sections of hair, running fingers down strands to tamp down the outer layer.
-Ceramic blow dryer with diffuser: An air-dispersing diffuser allows for smoother finish. Opt for one with a large diameter and a deep cup with well-spaced teeth to hold hair secure. Look for a dryer with high and low settings for both heat and airflow; it also should have ceramic coils, which evenly distribute heat for faster drying.
-Duckbill clips: Thick, kinky hair can weigh down roots, sapping volume and leaving you with a triangular do. But inexpensive clips can prop up hair at the crown, helping maintain some lift and volume as you dry. There's no need to spend extra on rubber coated versions. The simple metal clips do the trick.

If you have fine, limp, straight strands but you want volume and loose waves then you need:

-Volumizing and thickening mousse: Lighter and easier to distribute through hair than a gel or cream, mousse beefs up fine strands and helps maintain lift and body after styling. Apply to damp strands from root to tip, holding hair near the root out and away from your scalp as you run the product through hair.
-Powerful blow dryer: Opt for powerful airflow to dry hair quickly and expand the cuticle. Look for a high-wattage dryer--something in the 1,875 to 2,300 range. Be sure to choose a model with a nozzle to focus airflow and a cool-shot button to set your style. Ceramic coils are also a good choice. They disperse infrared heat, which is gentler and less likely to scorch hair.
-Large, round boar-bristle brush: Natural bristles are gentle on fine hair and help add shine. They should sit tightly together, though, allowing the brush to grip hair for easier styling. Longer bristles and a narrow base also help the heat from your hair more easily, cutting down on dry time.
-Large barrel, tapered curling wand: Add waves or touch up ones you've already created with a tapered wand. Essentially a clip less curling iron shaped like a long cone, this tool results in more natural looking, looser waves and smoother hair than a traditional barrel wand with a clip. To use, simply hold a section of hair at the tips, wrap it around the barrel and hold in place. Opt for a ceramic or titanium wand. Both get hot in a flash and distribute heat evenly and gently.

I hope these tips and pointers help you out and I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did writing it. Love all you guys. Have a beautiful day!!!

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