Benefit Upgrade to Gorgeous Review

11:40 AM

So what did you guys get on Christmas??? For me it was alot of beauty related Items one of which I was very pleased with which was the Benefit Cosmetics Upgrade to Gorgeous Kit which was on sale at Sephora for $34!!!! So let me just start out by saying this kit included two FULL SIZE products!!!!! This kit featured a full size Sugarbomb Blush, Full size High Beam, Mini They're Real Mascara, Mini Porefessional, and a Mini Perfume.

This is an amazing deal because High Beam alone costs $26.00 and Sugarbomb alone costs $28.00 that together is $54.00!!!! So $34.00 for this kit was more than worth it. So of course once I got this I swatched everything as well as tested things out and I liked quite a few things inside this kit that I will likely be repurchasing. First off the Sugarbomb Blush is just a beautiful color on the skin I feel this would work with every skin tone. It's almost creamy its just so lightweight.
High Beam I do not recommend this for people with oily skin just because while it is a beautiful High lighter it people with oily skin STAY AWAY it will make you look sweaty, not matte, and just not very attractive. I tried this product out and even though I have combination skin which tends to be a bit more oily in the summer months it wears on my skin in the fall and winter months beautifully.
They're Real mascara I'm not too fond of only because I find the formula to be too wet and the brush hurts my eye lid when applying the mascara to the root. It took forever to dry for me personally, so I applied Benefit's Badgal Mascara and it solved all my worries. Benefit They're Real mascara was one of those products that was supposed to work for me I just had very high hopes for it I have no idea why but I did in the first place but it was a complete miss for me.
OK so the Porefessional is the best I wouldn't say it completely diminished my pores but it helped a lot and also helped my makeup stay put all day!!!! I will be repurchasing this product.
And lastly they have a mini perfume in this kit and its a very, very fresh scent I quite enjoy this perfume as the power of the scent lasted all day for me and I got compliments on it as well.
That's it for the Review of this kit by Benefit Cosmetics, I hope this helped you guys with choosing what to buy and try. I don't know if Sephora is still carrying this product as it was a Holiday gift set item but I will be sure to post Amazon links for it below. As always have a HAPPY NEW YEAR and stay safe.

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