Which Beauty/fashion Subscription Should You Get?

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Recently, monthly subscription services are all people talk about. Now there are so many different ones, so which one do you choose? In today's post I'm going to go through some of the monthly subscription services that are available for you.

Birchbox: birchbox is $10/month. In this subscription, you receive deluxe size samples from high end brands. You can also earn points with every full-size product purchased from the site. The samples range from skincare to makeup.

Sample Society by Beauty Bar: $15/month. You will receive 5 deluxe sized samples, an exclusive mini mag filled with tips and beauty news from the editors of Allure Magazine.

Julep Maven: $19.99/month. This is kind of fun for the nail polish junkie, you can essentially pick your box you want and I believe on of the boxes comes with 3 full size julep nail polishes and the other boxes will come with 1-2 full size nail polishes along with a cuticle oil or nail file. Julep also sends out emails so you can preview your upcoming box on the 20th of each month. Julep is always offering promo codes so you can get your first box for FREE or for a penny!!!

Glossybox: $21/month. You get deluxe or full sized samples or products. A lot of beauty gurus are loving glossybox.

Ipsy formerly known as Glam Bag: $10/month. This offers deluxe size samples as well as full size products plus, a collectible makeup bag to represent the theme for the month. I was subscribed to Ipsy at one point and I certainly loved it.

QVC New Beauty Test Tube: $29.96+$6.47 shipping. Comes with the New Beauty Magazine and deluxe and Full size products.

Beauty Army: $12/month. In this one you get to choose 6 samples from your showroom each month.

The List Gift Bag by I-ELLA: you have 3 options, starter bag ($59/month), Soho Bag ($129/month), and the St. Barth's bag ($389/month). Each bag will contain 3-5 items with 1-2 being featured designer pieces along with free products.

Stylemint: $29.99/month. Each clothing piece costs $29.99. Always have a promotion going on.

Little Black Bag: $29.95 or $49.95. Beauty gurus have raved about this bag whether it be on their blogs or on YouTube. Offers bags, accessories, and beauty items. Lots of variety as well.
Jewelmint: $29.99/month. Your choice of jewelry item or accessory. Always offers promo codes.

Dazzley Box: $19.99/month. Offers jewelry, accessories, and lifestyle items.

Mynt Box: $30/month. You get 3-5 jewelry items in the theme of your choice.

Shoedazzle: $39.95. Shoes, accessories, and handbags.

Justfab: $39.95. Similar to shoedazzle but a lot better more selection in each category.

As you can see, you can easily get overwhelmed at all the different monthly subscriptions that there are to offer. Every one is unique in its own way whether it be how you receive it, or the selection. But go with whatever interests you and just try it for a month or two if you don't like them just cancel your subscription. It's that simple. Let me know if any of you have tried any monthly subscriptions, and what your thoughts were on them. I hope you all enjoyed this post and i hope you have a lovely day!!!

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