5 Makeup Tips on Looking Good in Photos

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Hey everyone. Did you ever look at another persons blog or even just go on google and see makeup pictures that are absolutely flawless and beautiful, and when you take the pictures yourself its never as perfect? I definitely have. Well in today's tips I wanted to share with you some beauty tips on how to take an amazing beauty photo, or even just look amazing in any photo.

1. Use Mattes: when you are going to be photographed you want to be sure to avoid anything that is going to reflect light on your face. The flash from the camera will make you look like a disco ball.

2. Apply your makeup in natural light: for best results, be sure to apply your makeup in natural lit areas. Indoor lighting can sometimes alter the appearance of your makeup. Some lights may wash you out causing you to apply too heavily.

3. Use yellow tinted powder: it is better than shimmery or translucent powders. The other powders will reflect light, leaving you with a shine.

4. Be sure to blend in your under eye concealer: in pictures under eye concealer comes off a bit harsh. So be sure to blend it out extremely well.

5. Avoid shadows: try not to create any shadows on your face with makeup. Also learn how to position your face towards the camera to avoid creating shadows across your face or under your chin.

These are some well known tips already but hopefully someone will find this useful one way or another. I hope you guys enjoyed this post. If you want to share some of your photography tips feel free to leave a comment below. Have a beautiful day everyone!!!

Credits: allwomenstalk.com
Photo Credits: Google

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  1. I always had this problem in looking good on pictures. Thanks for this tips. I would definitely try this for my next pictorial.

  2. Awwww yes please try these tips out. The tiniest changes and tweaks can make a huge difference in how your pictures turn out. Also thank you so much for your comment sweetie!!!!!

  3. I want my pictures of my wedding day very clean and perfect so these tips are really useful for my wedding day.

  4. Omg I'm so glad that these tips will be useful for you!!!! I'm sure your wedding pictures will turnout amazing regardless. Congrats girly!!!!


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