How I Clean My Makeup Brushes

6:00 AM

We all know how annoying cleaning your makeup brushes can be, but its something that is important to do to prevent bacteria buildup, and to better the life span of your makeup brushes. 

This is how I clean my brushes but I do like to learn new methods of cleaning cosmetic brushes so be sure to leave a comment below on how you clean yours. I hope you all enjoyed my post and have a beautiful day!!!

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  1. I saw your beautylish post and thought I come by and say hi. Check out my blog if you ever get a chance :)

  2. awww thanks for stopping by girly and of course i have time to visit your blog. im following you now.

  3. I heard that when drying you should tip them downward so that the water doesn't leach into the ferrules and degrade the glue over time. So I always stick them places they can kind of hang or prop them at an angle with a paper towel or something, but I've seen brush drying racks for sale before. I just ordered a brush cleansing spray from BeautySoClean so I'm excited that I won't have to wash my brushes to avoid color transfer quite as often and it will sanitize them for use on other people.

  4. Yea I heard that it will ruin the glue overtime but I have no where to hang them personally, I really want the brush stand kandee Johnson has I forget what it's called though. She has featured it in her videos though. Anyways thank you so much for your comment. I love comments its a awesome way to interact with readers.


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