Diet Alert! Women are Sewing Patches on Their Tongues So They Can't Eat

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There are so many Diets out there today, but this is by far the worst one to date and is completely pointless and just not healthy in my opinion. So lets discuss it.

The title of this post is exactly what the diet is, a plastic surgeon applies a postage stamp size piece of mesh to the surface of the tongue therefore making eating painful and forcing you switch to a liquid diet. Sounds disgusting right??? 

The procedure is gaining popularity in countries like Venezuela, where "Time" reports one clinic performing 900 tongue patch procedures a month. There's only one clinic in the US doing this and its in the Los Angeles Area, the doctor there says "Its a last resort for patients who don't have the willpower to diet on their own."

The patch is removed after 30 days and then your back to relying on portion control. Therefore the long term effects are not so good since liquid diets can actually slow your metabolism and prompt your body to store fat, which means there's a good chance of gaining even more weight back. 

I think this procedure is absolutely pointless and just absurd. People are willing to go through pain just to potentially gain even more weight back after a month?! I would never ever even think of doing this if you want to lose weight just small changes in your lifestyle can dramatically help you lose weight. What do you all think of this please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below and have a beautiful day everyone!!!!

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  1. This is AWFUL! Why would anyone do this to themselves? xx

  2. I know its absolutely disgusting


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