How To Fix Old Nail Polish

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What girl doesn't love nail polish? I know I do! With me not being a very good polish painter, I have accumulated ALOT of nail polish and I know I may not have near as much as the average nail polish junkie but in my opinion I do have alot in my opinion and yes I will show pictures. With that being said, how annoying is it when you go to use a polish and since its been sitting over time its then clumpy when applied or cracks on your nails in less then 24 hours after application? which means its probably too old. I do have a helpful tip to help you with that.

As you can see from the picture this above is my nail polish collection, I got this display stand from CVS when I worked there for storing my polish but it doesn't completely store everything since the trays hold only square shaped bottles so I am currently undergoing a nail polish rack makeover but this is how I store my polishes for now.

The right way of keeping nail polish useful is thinning it out. Nail polish remover is often used to fix old nail polish but isn't always the best way to go.

Nail polish remover, especially acetone can ruin your polish completely but if you need a quick fix and its the only way solution, you shouldn't add more than a drop for regular sized nail polish bottles. Shake the bottle very well and let it sit for a few minutes so there aren't any bubbles before applying it. 

A better solution would be to purchase an actual nail polish thinner like OPI Nail Lacquer Thinner and to follow the directions exactly to avoid ruining a perfectly good polish. I will be sure to post a link of where you can purchase this below
I hope you all enjoyed this great little pointer and hopefully it works wonders for you. Have a beautiful day everyone!!!

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