The Difference Between BB Cream and Foundation

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I am an a lover of BB creams because they are lighter and so easy to apply with added skin benefits but, even I have gone on and off with foundations and my reasoning behind that is my makeup routine for my face is not a heavy, need a lot of coverage kinda look. I mean if I'm not using BB cream, my face makeup only consists of concealer and powder. So i wanted to discuss some of the differences between BB Creams and Foundations generally.

1. Different Coverage levels: With foundation, it is typically thicker, so you have much more coverage. With BB cream, its usually a thinner consistency so you usually will get light to medium coverage.

2. Skincare Benefits: While there are some foundations that have skincare benefits, BB cream automatically has them built within the formula. BB cream is really meant to clear up your skin and to keep it looking flawless all while staying put all day.

3. Limited Color Ranges in BB Creams: one of the downfalls to BB Creams is the color selection. While foundation has a variety of colors to match every skin tone.

4. Higher SPF: Great thing about BB creams is the fact that it has a ton more SPF protection for your skin than foundation typically has.

5. Built in Primer: BB Cream is also a product that has built in primer. Where as with many foundations do not.

6. Better Moisture Content: BB cream is not cakey for the most part so you typically do not need to worry about your skin drying out. Foundation can be moisturizing but it can also leave your skin really dry if you do not use a moisturizer beforehand.

I hope this post gives you a better understanding of the differences between BB cream and foundations.  I hope you all enjoyed this and have a beautiful day everyone.

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  1. The best part of this BB cream is that it does not make my skin sweat which is the case with a lot of skin creams for my skin during summers and neither does it make my skin oily. So a huge thumbs up there!


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