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So I recently posted on instagram a picture of my makeup haul and yes it was quite a large haul of makeup. Included in the haul was two Elf HD Blushes and I have to say I am quite amazed with them. I have seen reviews for these gems everywhere and the reviews where mixed. Some say they are way too pigmented and some say they are amazing. I wanted to bring my review on them so lets move onto it.

I have finally got my hands on them after eyeing them up of the website but just never getting around to buying them until finally I cam across them at my local drugstore. I was able to get 2 shades which were the only shades I saw available, which are Superstar and Headliner. 

Let me just start off by saying yes these blushes are extremely pigmented to the point that they will actually stain your skin. I know this first hand only because when I got home from the store I quickly opened these babies up and swatched them on my hand and to what i thought was very little product turned out to be too much product and I tried to wash it off my hand and it stained my skin. With that said, I noticed that less is really more with these, you seriously need to the smallest dot of product to get a beautiful flush to your cheeks.

Superstar in the tube looks to be a rosy peachy pink shade but when swatched is actually a pretty bright pink color. Headliner is a beautiful peachy pink shade and I love this one it adds the perfect flush to my skin tone and I find myself using this alot more than Superstar because its alot more toned down.

I love the packaging with these blushes, they have a pump which is great for sanitary reasons and for only $3 a pop they will last you FOREVER because like I said before you only need the tiniest bit. I will be sure to pick up all the other shades as well online since i havent seen them in my local drugstore. I will be sure to also post the link to where you can purchase these online below. 

Overall I give these blushes a A+ and I definitely recommend everyone to invest in these. If you have tried these out please feel free to let me know what your thoughts were in the comments below. As always, have a beautiful rest of your day everyone!

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