How to Save Money on Makeup

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For all of us beauty lovers, we all know that beauty products especially makeup can be super expensive. It's always frustrating when you buy a product, to only find out that it doesn't work for you. I wanted to post some tips on how you can save money on makeup. I find tips like these super useful so I hope you find them useful as well.

- Consider Why You Buy Makeup: Do you buy it to make yourself pretty for a date or feel you need it for work? Do you buy makeup out of habit or to cheer you up when your feeling down? If that's the reasons, you may wasn't to break the unhealthy habit.

- Try It Before You Buy It: You might be in love with a shade only to find out it doesn't suit you after you buy it. Always check stores and brands policies to see if you can return items your not satisfied with.

- Only Buy Products You Use: Don't splurge on makeup products you don't normally use, thinking they may come in handy someday. Save on makeup by getting the best quality in products you use on a regular basis.

- Buy Quality Makeup Brushes: If you want to save on makeup, invest in the best makeup brushes. They will last longer and provide better results.

- Downgrade to Less Expensive Brands: A less expensive brand does not necessarily equal lower quality.

- Hunt for Discounts and Bonus Gifts: When you can get a great bargain on a quality product, stock up.

- Collect Samples: ALWAYS!!! This is practically in the beauty bible.

- Paula Begoun's "Don't Leave the Cosmetic Counter Without Me" Book: This book will for sure save you tons of money. There are mini reviews of pretty much every single makeup product and brand out there. Love this book so much!!!!

I hope these tips help you save a bit of money on beauty products. If you have anymore money saving tips for beauty products please be sure to leave a comment below. Have a beautiful day everyone!!!

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  1. These are some great tips ! I always end up picking up loads on this and then whittling down to essentials,

    Kisses xo, Selorm.
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