What's Your Skin Eat?!

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The Facts

  • Our skin absorbs 60% of any topical product we use.
  • More than 10,000 ingredients are permitted for use in personal care products. Many are hazardous to our health, but yet still are allowed in the products we use every day.
  • The average woman wears nearly 515 chemicals a day.

Dangerous Chemicals in Your Beauty Products

  • Toluene: Is a petroleum by-product found in nail polish and cosmetics. It can affect brain function and the central nerve system. It can also interfere with childhood development.
  • Synthetic Formaldehyde: This is a organic compound thats highly toxic, and is often found in nail polish and hair relaxers. This is toxic to the liver.
  • Aluminum: This toxic metal can be found in practically everything from deodorant to nasal spray and shampoo. Since these are usually applied near the breast like deodorant is, the chemicals absorbed can cause estrogen like effects.
  • Parabens: Used regularly in cosmetics, personal care products, and even baby lotions. Have been linked to interruption of normal endocrine system functioning and severe allergies.
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate: This chemical is designed to clean and create foam. It's usually found in shampoo, liquid soap, and sometimes toothpaste. Not extremely harmful but can contaminate products with chemicals that suppresses the immune system.
  • Synthetic Fragrance: These are typically found in soap, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, and perfume. They are linked to hormone disruption.

Lipstick Chemicals

  • The average woman will eat nearly 4 pounds of lipstick in her lifetime.
  • Lead: Is a highly toxic metal, which stays in your system and can cause great damage. Its associated with a range of neurological disorders, blood disorders, and depression.

Take Care of Your Skin

  • Bath, beauty, and skin care products should be made with organic pigments, oils, scents, and butters.
  • A pink ribbon on products supporting breast cancer may instead be a way for brands to cash in on a cause. Many of these actually contain the chemical that is linked to cancer. So Just be aware to check the ingredients on the labels before purchasing.
  • Choose products that are free of toxins, synthetic preservatives, artificial scents, color, and mineral oils.
It's scary to think that these ingredients can be in what your applying to your skin today!!! Let me know what you think of this information, has it changed your outlook when it comes to buying beauty products? 

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