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White Tea Releases Stored Fat

This mild-flavored brew is made from the same nutrient-rich leaves as green and black teas, but because it's leaves aren't damaged by fermentation, it contains twice as many health-boosting antioxidants. White tea's antioxidants prompt abdominal cells to release stored fats so they can be burned for fuel. In fact, just sipping two cups daily, you can effortlessly shed up to two pounds of belly fat this month.

Berries Block Fat Storage in Cells

Enjoying one cup of blueberries--fresh or frozen--daily starts shrinking your belly within two weeks. Anthocyanins--the pigments responsible for blueberries' vibrant color--block the storage of fat, plus they help signal cells to burn abdominal fat for fuel.

Avocados Fuel Fat Burning

Adding 1/2 an avocado to your daily diet can help you shed up to six pounds of belly fat in two months--without counting calories. Creamy avocados are rich in healthy fats that energize cellular mitochondria. Avocados are so filling, adding a few slices to a meal can cut your calorie intake by 28% for five hours.

Seaweed Shrinks Your Belly Faster

Fucoxanthin, a seaweed extract, activates a protein (UCP1) in the mitochondria of your cells that burns fat for fuel. No wonder folks in a recent study shed up to five times more belly fat when they took it daily!

Green Beans Steady Blood Sugar

Eating one cup of green beans daily can help you burn off a pound of belly fat every month. The blend of omega-3 fats, magnesium and fiber in green beans prevents blood-sugar swings, stopping excess glucose from being shuttled into belly fat for storage.

CLA Trims Fat Cells

Taking 3,000 mg. daily of conjugated linoleum acid, a fat found in cheese and meat, can help you lose seven pounds of belly fat in three months--by shutting down enzymes that keep fat cells full.

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